What is silkscreen printing? And what are the characteristics?

According to the customer's printing pattern, the screen mesh is made, and the screen printing plate is used to use glass glaze to perform decorative printing on glass products. Glass glaze is also called glass ink or glass printing material. It is a paste printing material mixed and stirred by coloring materials and binders. The coloring material is composed of inorganic pigments and a low melting point flux (lead glass powder); the bonding material is commonly known as slatted oil in the glass screen printing industry. The printed glass products must be placed in a furnace and heated up the temperature to 520~600℃ so that ink printed on the glass surface can be consolidated on the glass to form a colorful decorative pattern.

If silkscreen and other processing methods are used together, more ideal results will be obtained. For example, using methods such as polishing, engraving, and etching to process the glass surface before or after printing can double the printing effect. Screen printing glass can be divided into high-temperature screen printing and low-temperature screen printing. The screen printing scheme is different under different usage occasions; screen printing glass can also be tempered, after tempering, a strong and uniform stress is formed on the surface, and the central layer forms tensile stress. Tempered glass has strong compressive stress. After being impacted by an external force, the tensile stress generated by the external pressure is offset by the strong pressure. Therefore, the mechanical strength increases exponentially. Features: When the glass is broken, it forms small particles, which can greatly reduce the damage to the human body; its strength is about 5 times more than that of non-tempered glass; its temperature resistance is more than three times that of ordinary glass (untempered glass).


Silk screen glass uses high-temperature ink to form a pattern on the glass surface through a screen printing process. After tempering or high-temperature baking, the ink is tightly combined with the glass surface. Unless the glass is broken, the pattern and glass will not be separated. It has the characteristics of never fading and bright colors.

Features of silk screen glass:

1. Diversified colors and multiple patterns to choose from.

2. Set anti-glare property. Screen-printed glass can reduce the glare of the glass due to partial printing, and alleviate the glare from the sun or direct sunlight.

3. Security. The screen-printed glass is toughened to increase the strength and high safety.

Screen-printed glass is more durable, abrasion-resistant and moisture-resistant than ordinary color-printed glass.


Post time: Dec-23-2021

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