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Screen Protector Cover Glass

As a screen protector, it offer features such as impact-resistant, UV resistant, waterproof, fireproof and durability under different environments, providing the flexibility for every type of display screen.


● Challengers
Sunlight is expediting the aging of front glass quickly. At the same time, devices get exposed to extremes of heat and cold. The cover glass needs to be easily and quickly readable to users in bright sunlight. 
● Exposure to sunlight 
UV light can aging the printing ink and causes it dis-coloring and ink-off. 
● Extreme weathers 
Screen protector cover lens must be able to withstand extreme weathers, both rain and shine. 
● Impact damage 
It can make the cover glass scratches, broken and cause the display without protection with malfunction. 
● Available with custom design and surface treatment
Round, square, irregular shape and holes are possible at Saida Glass, with demands at different application, available with AR, AG, AF and AB coating. 

High-Performance Solution For Harsh Environments 

● Extreme UV 
● Extreme temperature ranges 
● Expose to water, fire 
● Readable under bright sunlight
● Regardless of rain, dust and dirt build-up 
● Optical enhancements (AR, AG, AF, AB etc.)
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Never-Peeling off Ink

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Scratch Resistant 

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Waterproof, Fireproof

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Impact Resistant


Our suitable solutions include, but far more than that