Before Production Questions

After Production Questions

1.Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

We are a ten years glass processing manufacturer located in Guangdong, China. Welcome to visit our factory

2.Do you offer custom glass panel services?

Yes, we are an OEM factory which offer glass panel in customized design. 

3.What format of file do you need?

1.For quotation, pdf is fine.
2.For mass production, we need pdf and 1:1 CAD file/ AI file, or all of them will be the best.

4.Do you have MOQ?

No MOQ request, only higher quantity with more economical price. 

5.How to get a quote?

1. PDF file with size, surface treatment indicated.

2. The end application.

3. Order quantity. 

4. Others you think necessary.

6.How to order?

1. Contact our sales with detailed requirements/drawings/quantities, or just an idea or a sketch.

2. We check internally to see if it's producible, then provide suggestions and make samples for your approval.

3. Email us your official order, and send the deposit.

4. We put the order into a mass production schedule, and produce it as per the approved samples.

5. Process balance payment and advise your opinion on safe delivery.

6. Enjoy.

7.Is it possible to provide free sample?

Yes, we could delivery our stock glass sample by your shipping courier account.

If need customized, there will have a sampling cost which can be refunded when mass production. 

8.What is your average lead time?

1.For samples, need 12 to 15days.
2.For mass production, need 15 to 18days, it depends on the complexity and quantity.
3.If the lead times don’t work with your deadline, please go over your requirements with your sales. In all cases we will try to accommodate your needs. In most cases we are able to do so.

9.What payment term you accept?

1.100% prepaid for sampling
2.30% prepaid and 70% balance to be paid before delivery for mass production

10.Can I visit your factory?

Yes, warmly welcome to our factory. Our factories are located in Dongguan China; please let us know when you will come and how many people, we will advise the route guidance in detail.

1.Do you offer courier services?

Yes, we have stable cooperated Forwarder Company which can offer express shipping & sea shipment & air shipment and train shipment services. 

2.How to guarantee safe and reliable delivery of products?

We have over 10 years’ experience for exporting glass panel to worldwide, while keep 0 complaint regarding delivery.

Trust us when you receive the parcel, you will be satisfied not only with the glass, but also the package.  

3.If the final products isn’t consistent with the provided drawing, how to solve it?

If the products is defective or different with the provided drawing, don't worry, we will re sample immediately or accept refund unconditionally. 

4.What is the product warranty?

Saida Glass offer 3 months guarantee period after the glass dispatched from our factory, if there have any damage when received, the replacements will be provided FOC. 

Product Technology Questions

1.If need to pass IK07, what thickness is suitable?

According to our experience, suggest use 4mm thermal tempered glass. 

2.What is your production process?

1. Cutting raw material sheet into required size

2. Polishing the glass edge or drilling holes as request 

3. Cleaning 

4. Chemical or physical tempering 

5. Cleaning 

6. Silkscreen printing or UV printing 

7. Cleaning 

8. Packing 

3.What is the difference between AG, AR, AF?

1.Anti-glare can be divided into two kinds, one is etched anti-glare, and another one is spray anti-glare coating. 
2.Anti-glare glass: By chemical etching or spraying, the reflective surface of the original glass is changed to a diffused surface, which changes the roughness of the glass surface, thereby producing a matte effect on the surface.
3.Anti-reflective glass: After the glass is optically coated, it reduces its reflectivity and increases transmittance. The maximum value can increase its transmittance to over 99% and its reflectivity to less than 1%.
4.Anti-fingerprint glass: AF coating is based on the principle of lotus leaf, coated with a layer of Nano-chemical materials on the surface of the glass to make it have strong hydrophobicity, anti-oil, and anti-fingerprint functions.

4.What is the difference between thermal tempered glass with chemical strengthened glass?

They are 6 main differences between them.

1. Thermal tempered, or called physical tempering glass is made from annealed glass via a thermal tempering process, carried out at a temperature of 600 degrees Celsius to 700 degrees Celsius, and compressive stress is formed inside the glass. Chemical tempering is made from the Ion Exchange process which is put the glass into potassium and sodium ion substitution plus cooling in an alkali salt solution of about 400LC, which is also compressive stress.

2. Physical tempering is available for glass thickness above 3 mm and the chemical tempering process has no limits.

3. Physical tempering is 90 MPa to 140 MPa and chemical tempering is 450 MPa to 650 MPa.

4. In terms of the state of fragmented status, physical steel is granular, and chemical steel is blocky.

5. For impact strength, the thickness of the physical tempered glass is greater than or equal to 6 mm, and chemical tempered glass is less than 6 mm.

6. For glass surface of bending strength, optical properties, and surface flatness, chemical tempering is better than physical tempering.

5.What certificate you have?

We have pass ISO 9001:2015, EN 12150, all our material we provided are compliant with ROHS III (EUROPEAN VERSION), ROHS II  (CHINA VERSION), REACH  (CURRENT VERSION)

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