Switch Panel



Switch panel glass has the characteristics of high transparency, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc. It is widely used in many fields such as homes, offices, and commercial places.

Special Processes

1. High temperature ink, strong durability, never discolor and peel off
2. Surface treatment: AF coating, anti-fouling and anti-fingerprint
3. Surface treatment: frosted effect, high-end texture
4. Concave buttons: excellent feeling
5. 2.5D edge, smooth lines



1. The appearance is fashionable and simple, which improves the grade of interior decoration.
2. Integrated design can be waterproof and anti-creeping; can be touched with wet hands, high security level.
3. Glass is transparent, allowing the indicator lights behind to be clearly visible and providing intuitive operating guidance.
4. Glass is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, which maintains good appearance and performance for a long time.
5. Touch-type opening and closing has a long service life.
6. Intelligent system: combining with smart home systems, switch panel glass can realize remote control, timer switches, scene modes and other functions to improve the convenience of life.


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