Factory Tour

1 Huizhou External Factory Look

Huizhou External Factory Look

2 Huizhou Internal Factory Look

Huizhou Internal Factory Look

3 Dongguan Internal Factory Look

Dongguan Internal Factory Look

4 Office Corner Look

Office Corner Look

5 CNC Workshop

CNC Workshop

6 Thermal Tempered Furnace

Thermal Tempered Furnace

7 Automatic Processing Line

Automatic Processing Line

8 Automatic Silkscreen Printing Line

Automatic Silkscreen Printing Line

9 Cutting Machine

Cutting Machine

10 Edge Grinding Equipment

Edge Grinding Equipment

11 CNC Polishing Machine

CNC Polishing Machine

12 Hole Drilling Equipment

Hole Drilling Equipment

13 Two-Dimensional Tester

Two-Dimensional Tester

14 Ball Drop Tester

Ball Drop Tester

15 Stress Tester

Stress Tester

16 Inspection


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