What is Borosilciate Glass and its Characteristics

Borosilicate glass has a very low thermal expansion, about one of three of soda lime glass. The main approximate compositions are 59.6% silica sand, 21.5% boric oxide, 14.4% potassium oxide, 2.3% zinc oxide and trace amounts of calcium oxide and aluminum oxide.

Do you know what other characteristics?

Density 2.30g/cm²
Mohs Hardness 6.0Mohs’
Elasticity Modulus 67KNmm – 2
Tensile Strength 40 – 120Nmm – 2
Poisson Ratio 0.18
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 20-400°C (3.3)*10`-6
Specific Heat Conductivity 90°C 1.2W*(M*K`-1)
Refractive Index 1.6375
Specific Heat 830 J/KG
Melting Point 1320°C
Softening Point 815°C
Thermal Shock ≤350°C
Impact Strength ≥7J
Water Tolerance HGB 1级 (HGB 1)
Acid Resisting HGB 1级 (HGB 1)
Alkali Resistance HGB 2级 (HGB 2)
Pressure-Resistant Properties ≤10Mpa
Volume Resistance 1015Ωcm
Dielectric Constant 4.6
Dielectric Strength 30 kV/mm 

Known for its heat resistance and physical durability, borosilicate glass is used in a wide variety of industries and applications.

– Laboratory Glassware
— Pharmaceutical Glass Tubing
— Cookware & Kitchen Implements
— Optical Equipment
— Lighting Ornament
— Drinking glasses etc. 

borosilicate glass tube

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