What do you know about flat glass which used for display cover?

Do you know? Although the naked eyes cannot separate different types of glass, in fact, the glass used for the display cover, have quite different kinds, following are mean to tell everyone how to judge different glass type.

By chemical composition:

1. Soda-lime glass. With SiO2 content, it also contains 15% Na2O and 16% CaO

2. Aluminum silicate glass. SiO2 and Al2O3 are the main ingredients

3. Quartz glass. SiO2 content greater than 99.5%

4. High silicone glass. SiO2 content is about 96%

5. Lead silicate glass. The main ingredients are SiO2 and PbO

7. Borosilicate glass. SiO2 and B2O3 are the main ingredients

8. Phosphate glass. Phosphorus pentoxide is the main component

No. 3 to 7 are rarely used for display cover glass, here will not make detail introduction.

By glass forming method:

1. Float glass forming

2. Overflow down-draw glass forming 


What is float glass forming?

The method is mainly to melt, clarify, cool the glass liquid under the control of the regulating gate through the flow channel smooth continuous flow into the tin groove, floating in the molten metal tin liquid surface, glass liquid flowing into the tin tank after the effect of gravity flattening, polishing under the action of surface tension, floating forward under the main drive pull gravity, under the action of the puller to achieve the process of thinning glass belt processing, forming ultra-thin flexible glass. Therefore, there is a tin side and air side.


What is overflow down-draw glass forming?

The molten glass fluid is introduced into a groove made of platinum palladium alloy, flowing out of the slit at the bottom of the groove and using its own gravity and downward pull to make ultra-thin glass. The thickness of glass prepared by this process can be controlled according to the pull-down amount, size of slit and drop-down rate of the kiln, while the warpage of the glass can be controlled according to the uniformity of the temperature distribution, and ultra-thin glass can be continuously produced. So, there have no tin side or air side.


3. Soda Lime Glass Brand

The processing method is floating process, also known as float glass. Because it contains a small amount of iron ions, it is green from the side of the glass, so it is also known as blue glass.

Glass thickness: from 0.3 to 10.0mm

Sodium calcium glass brand (not all)

Japanese materials: Asahi nitro (AGC), NSG, NEG etc.

Domestic materials: South Glass, Xinyi, Lobo, China Airlines, Jinjing, etc.

Taiwan Materials: Tabo glass.

Introduction to high aluminum silicate glass, referred to as high aluminum glass

4. Common brands

United States: Corning Gorilla Glass, it is an eco-friendly aluminum silicate glass made by Corning.

Japan: AGC produces high-aluminum glass, we call Dragontrail glass.

China: Xu Hong’s high-aluminum glass, called “Panda Glass”

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