The Definition of Coated Glass

Coated glass is the surface of the glass with coated one or more layers of metal, metal oxide or other substances, or migrated metal ions. Glass coating changes the reflectance, refractive index, absorptivity and other surface properties of glass to light and electromagnetic waves, and gives the glass surface special properties. The production technology of coated glass is becoming more and more mature, the product varieties and functions continue to increase, and the scope of application is expanding.

The classification of coated glass can be classified according to the production process or the function of use. According to the production process, there are on-line coated glass and off-line coated glass. On-line coated glass is coated on the glass surface during the forming process of float glass. Relatively speaking, offline coated glass is processed outside the glass production line. On-line coated glass includes electric float, chemical vapor deposition and thermal spraying, and off-line coating includes vacuum evaporation, vacuum sputtering, sol-gel and other methods.

According to the usage function of coated glass, it can be divided into sunlight control coated glass, low-e glass, conductive film glass, self-cleaning glass, anti-reflection glass, mirror glass, iridescent glass, etc.

In a word, for various reasons, including the requirement for unique optical and electrical properties, material preservation, flexibility in engineering design, etc., coating is desired or necessary. Quality reduction is very important in the automotive industry, so heavy metal parts (such as grids) are replaced with light plastic parts plated with chromium, aluminum and other metals or alloys. Another new application is to coat indium tin oxide film or special metal ceramic film on glass window or plastic foil to improve the energy-saving performance of buildings.


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Post time: Jul-31-2020

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