Indium Tin Oxide Glass Date Sheet

Indium Tin Oxide Glass (ITO) is part of Transparent Conducting Oxide (TCO) conductive glasses.  The ITO coated glass having excellent conductive and high transmittance properties. Mainly used in lab research, solar panel and development.

Majorly, the ITO glass is laser cut into square or rectangular shape, sometimes it can also customized as circle. The maximum produced size is 405x305mm. And the standard thickness is  0.33/0.4/0.55/0.7/ 0.8/ 1.0/ 1.5/2.0/ 3.0 mm with controllable tolerance ±0.1mm for glass size and ±0.02mm for ITO pattern.  

Glass with ITO coated on two sides and patterned ITO glass are also available at Saida glass.

For cleaning purpose, we suggest cleaning it with high quality lint-free cotton dipped in the solvent called the isopropyl alcohol. Alkali is forbidden to wipe on it, as it will cause irreversible damage on ITO coating surface.

Here is a data sheet for ITO conductive glass:

Spec. Resistance Coating Thickness Transmittance  Etching Time
3ohms 3-4ohm 380±50nm ≥80% ≤400S
5ohms 4-6ohm 380±50nm ≥82% ≤400S
6ohms 5-7ohm 220±50nm ≥84% ≤350S
7ohms 6-8ohm 200±50nm ≥84% ≤300S
8ohms 7-10ohm 185±50nm ≥84% ≤240S
15ohms 10-15ohm 135±50nm ≥86% ≤180S
20ohms 15-20ohm 95±50nm ≥87% ≤140S
30ohms 20-30ohm 65±50nm ≥88% ≤100S

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