Custom 50ohm Tempered Glass with ITO Pattern for Bathroom Scale

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    Hot Sale IK09 Square 260x260x6mm 50ohm White Design Tempered Glass with ITO Pattern for Bathroom Scale

    Good Looking
    1.The body scale glass panel is white color and 260×260 mm sqaure shape design with ITO pattern,not only quality
    assurance but also stylish.
    2. Rich and colorful pattern design provide unique decorative result. Individual design will never fade and your scale will always
    looks like new.
    3. We pay attention to small details. No hurt on your skin.Luxury glass panel, straight edge , square hole and safety corner .
    4. Perfect flat plate, smooth gorgeous.You can customize the size(generally standard size for scale glass panel is 5-6mm),
    shape,color,pattern, thickness, and edge types.
    1. This personal scale is designed so ultra-slim and wide. The designs make the scale so portable to take,and make you stable when
    step on.
    2. It solve the problem of the traditional scale, such as heavy metal shell, the rough shape, carry inconvenience.
    3. Live your healthies lifestyle and keep the scale where you love to live.Easily store it under your bed, then pull it out to
    start your day.
    4. This scale glass panel is the best solution for smart electronic weighing scale in home or bathroom. 
    Tempered glass
    1. Made of tempered glass which is waterproof and fireproof to ensure the highest security.
    2. Once breakage occurs, the glass goes into small cubical fragments, which are relatively harmless.
    3. Print graphics through a special screen and melt colorant into glass surface in a tempering furnaces, so the color and pattern
    not easy to fade.
    4. Prevent the scratch from knives or something hard;The surface of tempered panel is smooth and scratch resistant.

    The function of tempered glass:

    Float glass is a kind of fragile material with very low tensile strength. The surface structure greatly affects its strength. The glass surface looks very smooth, but actually there are lots of micro-cracks. Under the stress of CT, initially the cracks expand, and then begin to crack from the surface. Therefore, if the effects of these surface micro-cracks can be eliminated, the tensile strength can be significantly increased. Tempering is one of the ways to eliminate the effects of micro-cracks on the surface, which put the glass surface under strong CT. In this way, when the compressive stress exceeds the CT under external influence, the glass will not easily break. 

    What is ITO Conductive Glass?      

    1. ITO conductive glass is manufactured by depositing silicon dioxide (SiO2) and indium tin oxide (commonly referred to as ITO) thin films on the basis of soda-lime or borosilicate glass by using a magnetron measurement method.
    2. ITO is a metal compound with good transparent and conductive properties. It has the characteristics of forbidden bandwidth, high light transmittance and low resistivity in the visible spectrum region. It is widely used in affirmative display devices, solar cells, and special functional window coatings. Laboratory equipment and other optoelectronic devices.
    What is FTO Conductive Glass?      

    1. FTO conductive glass is fluorine-doped SnO2 transparent conductive glass (SnO2: F), referred to as FTO.
    2. SnO2 is a wide band-gap oxide semiconductor that is transparent to visible light, with a band gap of 3.7-4.0eV, and has a regular tetrahedral gold red structure. After being doped with fluorine, the SnO2 film has the advantages of good light transmittance to visible light, large ultraviolet absorption coefficient, low resistivity, stable chemical properties, and strong resistance to acid and alkali at room temperature.
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