Over 85% Transmission Flourine doped Tin Oxide FTO Glass for Lab

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    ITO Substrate (2)-400 ITO Substrate (3)-400

    100x100x2.2mm Over 85% Transmission Flourine doped Tin Oxide FTO Glass for Lab. Testing

    Electronic Level/High Precision/Super Flatness Available with Mulitiple Process 
    Conductive glass is widely used in mobile phone screens, OLED, OPV, PDA, calculator, e-book, electrochromic devices, electromagnetic shielding, photocatalysis, solar cells, biological experiments, electrochemical experiments (electrodes) .etcFTO is a fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) coated glass (SnO 2 :F).

    With good high-temperature performance,600℃, is the best candidate as the transparent conductive electrode material for the dye-sensitized solar cells(DSSC) and the perovskite solar cells application at present.
    As a replacement for ITO, it’s widely used in liquid crystal display, photocatalysis, thin film solar cell substrates, dye-sensitized solar cells, electrochromic glass and other fields. Also, FTO glass is a promising touch screen manufacturing technology that realizes the integration of glass and touch.

    What is ITO Conductive Glass?  

    1. ITO conductive glass is manufactured by depositing silicon dioxide (SiO2) and indium tin oxide (commonly referred to as ITO) thin films on the basis of soda-lime or borosilicate glass by using a magnetron measurement method.
    2. ITO is a metal compound with good transparent and conductive properties. It has the characteristics of forbidden bandwidth, high light transmittance and low resistivity in the visible spectrum region. It is widely used in affirmative display devices, solar cells, and special functional window coatings. Laboratory equipment and other optoelectronic devices.
    What is FTO Conductive Glass?   

    1. FTO conductive glass is fluorine-doped SnO2 transparent conductive glass (SnO2: F), referred to as FTO.
    2. SnO2 is a wide band-gap oxide semiconductor that is transparent to visible light, with a band gap of 3.7-4.0eV, and has a regular tetrahedral gold red structure. After being doped with fluorine, the SnO2 film has the advantages of good light transmittance to visible light, large ultraviolet absorption coefficient, low resistivity, stable chemical properties, and strong resistance to acid and alkali at room temperature.
    1. Storage of Conductive Glass 

    • ITO/FTO/AZO conductive glass should be stored at room temperature, humidity below 65%, and stored dry;
    • the glass should be placed vertically when stored. And conductive glass
    • sheets should be separated by a sheet of paper to prevent sodium ions from penetrating into the IT0 conductive layer of the next sheet (see glass structure) ,while preventing the glass sheets from sticking to each other.

     2. Cleaning of conductive glass 

    • During the production, packaging and transportation of conductive glass, the surface of the glass may be contaminated by impurities such as dust and grease.
    • The most common cleaning method is ultrasonic cleaning with an organic solvent. Ultrasonic cleaning is generally carried out in the order of:
    • toluene → two ethanol → deionized water
    • The oil on the surface of the glass is insoluble in water, but it is soluble in organic solvents such as toluene, acetone, and ethanol.
    • Among them, toluene has the strongest degreasing ability, so it is first washed with toluene, but toluene cannot remain on the glass surface. Since toluene is soluble in acetone, it can be washed with acetone. Not only can the residual grease be washed away, but toluene is also dissolved.
    • Similarly, acetone does not remain on the surface of the glass. Since acetone is easily soluble in ethanol, it can be washed with ethanol.
    • Ethanol and water are mutually soluble in any ratio, and finally ethanol is dissolved in a large amount of decompressed water.


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