How to Select the Right Cover Glass Materials for Electronics Devices?

It is well-known, there are various glass brands and differnt material classification, and their performance also varies, so how to choose the right material for display devices?

Cover glass is usually used in 0.5/0.7/1.1mm thickness, which is the most commonly used sheet thickness in the market.

First of all, let’s introduce several major brands of cover glass:

1. US — Corning Gorilla Glass 3

2. Japan — Asahi Glass Dragontrail Glass; AGC soda lime glass

3. Japan — NSG Glass

4. Germany — Schott Glass D263T transparent borosilicate glass

5. China — Dongxu Optoelectronics Panda Glass

6. China — South Glass High Aluminosilicate Glass

7. China — XYG Low Iron Thin Glass

8. China – Caihong High Aluminosilicate Glass

Among them, Corning Gorilla Glass has the best scratch resistance, surface hardness and glass surface quality, and of course the highest price.

For the pursuit of more economical alternative to Corning glass materials, usually recommended domestic CaiHong high aluminosailicate glass, there have no much performance difference, but the price can be about 30 ~ 40% cheaper, different sizes, the difference will also vary.

The following table shows the performance comparison of each glass brand after tempering: 

                 Brand                         Thickness                CS        DOL     Transmittance      Soften Point   
Corning Gorilla Glass3 0.55/0.7/0.85/1.1mm >650mpa >40um >92% 900°C
AGC Dragontrail Glass 0.55/0.7/1.1mm >650mpa >35um >91% 830°C
AGC Soda Lime Glass 0.55/0.7/1.1mm >450mpa >8um >89% 740°C
NSG Glass 0.55/0.7/1.1mm >450mpa >8~12um >89% 730°C
Schoot D2637T 0.55mm >350mpa >8um >91% 733°C
Panda Glass 0.55/0.7mm >650mpa >35um >92% 830°C
SG Glass 0.55/0.7/1.1mm >450mpa >8~12um >90% 733°C
XYG Ultra Clear Glass 0.55/0.7//1.1mm >450mpa >8um >89% 725°C
CaiHong Glass 0.5/0.7/1.1mm >650mpa >35um >91% 830°C

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Post time: Apr-28-2022

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