Demand Bottleneck for Medicine Glass Bottle of COVID-19 Vaccine

According to the Wall Street Journal, pharmaceutical companies and governments around the world are currently buying large quantities of glass bottles to preserve vaccines.

Only one Johnson & Johnson Company has purchased 250 million small medicine bottles. With the influx of other companies in the industry, this may lead to a shortage of glass vials and raw material special glass.

Medical glass is different from the ordinary glass used to make household utensils. They must be able to resist extreme temperature changes and keep the vaccine stable, so special materials are used.

Due to low demand, these special materials are usually limited in reserves. In addition, the use of this special glass to make glass vials may take days or even weeks. However, the shortage of vaccine bottles is unlikely to occur in China. As early as May this year, the China Vaccine Industry Association had talked about this matter. They said that the annual output of high-quality vaccine bottles in China can reach at least 8 billion, which can fully meet the production needs of new crown vaccines.

Medicine Glass Bottle 1

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Post time: Jun-24-2020

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