Anti-Reflective Glass

What is Anti-Reflective glass?

After optical coating is applied to one or both sides of the tempered glass, the reflectance is reduced and the transmittance is increased. The reflectance can be reduced from 8% to 1% or less, the transmittance can be increased from 89% to 98% or more. By increasing the transmittance of the glass, the content of the display screen will be presented more clearly, the viewer can enjoy a more comfortable and clearer visual sense.



High definition display screens, photo frames, mobile phones and various instruments cameras. Many outdoor advertising machines also use AR glass.


Simple inspection method

a. Take a piece of ordinary glass and a piece of AR glass, close to the images in the computer side by side, the AR glass will have a clearer effect.

b. The surface of AR glass is as smooth as ordinary glass, but it will have a certain reflective color.