How to Select Glass Screen Protector

A screen protector is an ultra-thin transparent material use to avoid all the potential damage for display screen. It covers the devices display to against scratches, smears, impacts and even drops at a minimal level.


There are kinds of material to choose, while tempered glass material is the optimal option for screen protector.

  • -- Comparing to plastic protector, glass screen protector are easier to apply.
  • -- More resistant to scratching compared to plastic materials.
  • -- Easy to apply with anti-bubble technology and can be removed and reapplied.
  • -- Longest lift expectancy compare to other screen protector materials.
  • -- Rated 9H Moh’s hardness to against scratches, drops and even hard direct impacts.

 screen protector

Not like other display cover glass with visible adhesive, the protector glass which used for protection adds very thin transparent glue (we called AB glue) on the full coverage of glass back for easy applying.


Saida Glass can provide standard glass protector thickness from 0.33mm or 0.4mm with customized maximum size within 18inch. And the AB glue thickness is 0.13mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, the bigger of the glass size, the thicker AB glue should be chosen. (Glue thickness above that might affect the touch functions)


Furthermore, the glass surface added a hydrophobic coating against to fingerprint, dust and stains. Thus, it can help to present a crystal clear and smooth touch feel.

 Glass Protector  (1)

Saida Glass can also add the black border and 2.5D edge treatment if customers have such request. If you have any questions or would like some assistance with screen protectors then please contact us to speak with an expert. 

Post time: Nov-22-2021

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