Glass Silkscreen Printing

Glass Silkscreen Printing
Glass silkscreen printing is a process in glass processing, to print the required pattern on the glass, there are manual silkscreen printing and machine silkscreen printing.

Processing Steps
1. Prepare ink, which is the source of glass pattern.
2. Brush light-sensitive emulsion on the screen, and combine the film and strong light to print the pattern. Put the film under the screen, use strong light to expose the light-sensitive emulsion, rinse away the unhardened light-sensitive emulsion, then pattern will be created.
3. Dry

There are high-temperature screen printing and low-temperature screen printing. High-temperature screen printing must be screen printing first, then in tempering.

The Appliance between high-temperature screen printing glass and low-temperature screen printing glass
Generally speaking, the pattern of high-temperature screen printing glass will not fall off, even if it is scraped with sharp objects. It is more suitable for outdoors, high temperature, highly corrosive environments. The pattern of low-temperature screen printing glass can be scraped off with sharp objects and is generally used on electronic products.

Post time: Nov-08-2023

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