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6.38mm Laminated Glass for Safety and Security | Custom Cut Options

SAIDA GLASS CO., LTD is pleased to present our high-quality 6.38mm Laminated Glass. This innovative product is a popular choice for various applications due to its strength, safety, and sound reduction properties, Our 6.38mm Laminated Glass consists of two or more layers of glass bonded together with a durable interlayer, offering enhanced safety and security compared to standard glass. The lamination process also provides UV protection and reduces the transmission of harmful rays, making it ideal for both residential and commercial buildings, In addition to its safety benefits, our 6.38mm Laminated Glass also offers excellent sound insulation, providing a peaceful and comfortable environment. It is available in a range of sizes and can be customized to meet specific architectural requirements, SAIDA GLASS CO., LTD is committed to providing superior quality products, and our 6.38mm Laminated Glass is no exception. Whether you are looking for safety, security, or sound insulation, our laminated glass is the perfect choice for your project. Contact us today to learn more about our 6.38mm Laminated Glass and how it can enhance your next building project

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