What are Parallelism and Flatness?

Both parallelism and flatness are measurement terms by working with a micrometer. But what are actually parallelism and flatness? It seems they are very similar in meanings, but actually they are never synonymous.

Parallelism is the condition of a surface, line, or axis which is equidistant at all from a datum plane or axis.

Flatness is the condition of a surface having all elements in one plane.

In other words, if the parallelism is two surfaces of a plane never meet each other no matter how broad it is. It is parallelism. While flatness is one surface for a plane, as long as it expands without concave or convex.

There are several ways to check parallelism and flatness. But, one of the possible ways to measure them is by means of an optical flat of micrometer. It is the tool with very flat surface. The surfaces are very parallel if we compare the two surfaces.

Parallelism VS Flatness-2

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Post time: Jul-03-2020

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