What is the Difference between High Temperature Glass and Fireproof Glass?

What is the difference between high-temperature glass and fire-resistant glass? As the name indicates, high-temperature glass is a kind of high-temperature-resistant glass, and fire-resistant glass is a kind of glass that can be fire-resistant. So what is the difference between the two?

High temperature glass is characterized by high temperature resistance and can be used in various high temperature conditions. There are many types of high-temperature glass, and we often divide it according to its allowable working temperature. The standard ones are 150℃, 300℃, 400℃, 500℃, 860℃, 1200℃, etc. High temperature glass is the main component of the window of industrial equipment. Through it, we can observe the operation of the internal materials of the high temperature equipment.

Fireproof glass is a kind of building curtain wall glass, and there are many types, including wire fireproof glass, monochromatic potassium fireproof glass, and composite fireproof glass and so on. In the glass industry, fire-resistant glass usually means that when a fire is encountered, it can block the flame for a certain period of time without a watch. The glass can withstand high temperatures. For example, the laminated fire-resistant glass can be used for a certain period of time. Stop the flame from spreading, but the glass will shatter after this time. , The glass will quickly break, but because the glass contains wire mesh, it can hold the broken glass and keep it as a whole, so that it can effectively block the flames. Here, the fireproof glass with wire is not A durable type of fireproof glass. There are also composite fireproof glass that is not temperature resistant. Monolithic potassium fireproof glass is a kind of fireproof glass with certain temperature resistance, but the temperature resistance of this kind of glass is also relatively low, generally the long-term temperature resistance is within 150~250℃.

From the above explanation, we can understand that fireproof glass is not necessarily high temperature glass, but high temperature glass can definitely be used as fireproof glass. No matter which high temperature glass product is, its fireproof performance will be better than ordinary fireproof glass.

Among high-temperature glass products, ultra-high-temperature-resistant glass has excellent fire resistance. It is a refractory material and can be exposed to open flames for a long time. If used on fire-resistant doors and windows, the glass can maintain its integrity for a long time in the event of a fire. , Instead of ordinary fireproof glass which can only withstand a certain time.

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High temperature glass is a relatively special product, and its mechanical strength, transparency, and chemical stability are better than ordinary fireproof glass. As the glass used in industrial equipment, we recommend using professional high temperature glass products instead of ordinary fireproof glass.

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Post time: Oct-16-2020

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