What is Laser Interior Craving?

Saida Glass is developing a new technique with laser interior craving on glass; it is a profound millstone for us to enter into a fresh area. 

So, what is laser interior craving?

Laser interior carving is carved with a laser beam inside the glass, no dust, no volatile substances, no emissions, no consumables and no pollution to the external environment. The traditional carving cannot be compared, and the working environment of workers can be greatly improved. In addition, the degree of automation is high: after the processing object is placed in place, the entire production process is controlled by the computer. Compared with the traditional blasting carving process, the degree of automation is quite high and the labor intensity of workers is greatly reduced. Therefore, laser carved glass production is relatively easy to achieve standardization, digital, network production, and can also implement remote monitoring and operation, low overall cost.

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Post time: Jul-28-2021

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