What is Ion Exchange Mechanism for Antibacterial on Glass?

Despite of normal antimicrobial film or spray, there is a way to keep the antibacterial effect permanent with glass for the lifetime of a device.

Which we called Ion Exchange Mechanism, similar to chemical strengthening: to soak glass into KNO3, under high temperature, K+ exchanges Na+ from glass surface and result in strengthening effect. To implant silver ion into glass without changed or disappeared by external forces, environment or time, except glass itself broken.   

It was identified by NASA that silver is the safest sterilizer to destroy more than 650 kinds of bacterial with application in the area of Spacecraft, Medical, Communication Tools and Daily Use Products.

Here is a comparison table for different antibacterial:

Property  Ion Exchange Mechanism Corning  Others
(sputter or spray)
Yellowish None (≤0.35) None (≤0.35) None (≤0.35)
Anti-Abrasion Performance Excellent
(≥100,000 times)
(≥100,000 times)
(≤3000 times)
Anti-Bacteria Coverage Silver correspond to a wide range of bacteria Silver correspond to a wide range of bacteria silver or thers
Heat Resistance 600°C 600°C 300°C


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Post time: Apr-30-2020

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