What is EMI Glass and its Application?

Electromagnetic shielding glass is based on the performance of the conductive film reflecting electromagnetic waves plus the interference effect of the electrolyte film. Under the conditions of a visible light transmittance of 50% and a frequency of 1 GHz, its shielding performance is 35 to 60 dB which known as EMI glass or RFI shielding glass.

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Electromagnetic shielding glass is a kind of transparent shielding device that prevents electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic interference. It involves many fields such as optics, electricity, metal materials, chemical raw materials, glass, machinery, etc., and is widely used in the field of electromagnetic compatibility. Divided into two types: wire mesh sandwich type and coated type. The wire mesh sandwich type is made of glass or resin and a shielding wire mesh made by a special process at high temperature; through a special process, electromagnetic interference is attenuated, and the shielding glass is affected by various patterns (including dynamic Color image) does not produce distortion, has the characteristics of high fidelity and high definition; it also has the characteristics of explosion-proof glass.

This product is widely used in civil and national defense fields such as communications, IT, electric power, medical treatment, banking, securities, government, and military. Mainly solve the electromagnetic interference between electronic systems and electronic equipment, prevent electromagnetic information leakage, protect electromagnetic radiation pollution; effectively ensure the normal operation of equipment and equipment, ensure the safety of confidential information, and protect the health of staff.

A. Observation windows that can be used for electronic devices, such as CRT displays, LCD displays, OLED and other digital display screens, radar displays, precision instruments, meters and other display windows.

B. Observation windows for key parts of buildings, such as daylight shielding windows, windows for shielding rooms, and visual partition screens.

C. Cabinets and commander shelters requiring electromagnetic shielding, Communication vehicle observation window, etc.

Electromagnetic shielding is one of the effective methods to suppress electromagnetic disturbance widely used in electromagnetic compatibility engineering. The so-called shielding means that a shield made of conductive and magnetic materials confines electromagnetic waves within a certain range, so that electromagnetic waves are suppressed or attenuated when they are coupled or radiated from one side of the shield to the other. Electromagnetic shielding film is mainly made of conductive materials (Ag, ITO, indium tin oxide, etc.). It can be plated on glass or on other substrates, such as plastic films. The main performance indicators of the material are: Light transmittance, and shielding effectiveness, that is, what percentage of energy is shielded.

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