What is 3D Cover Glass?

3D cover glass is three-dimensional glass which applies on handheld devices with a narrow frame down to the sides with gently, elegantly curvature. It provides tough, interactive touch space where there was once nothing but plastic.

It’s not easy from evolving flat (2D) to curved (3D) shapes. To meet both aesthetic and performance demands of today’s consumers, it requires high precision in glass melting and forming technology.  


It presents:

High sensitive touch function

Full coverage display

Oleo-phobic coating

7H Scratch-resistant

Super retinal HD vivid screen


The development of three-dimensional glass is giving the cues of designers’ entirely new places and forms of using glass. Also a new way of connecting the pristine, interactive touch display world around people.  

Saida Glass is a recognized global glass deep processing supplier of high quality, competitive price and punctual delivery time. With customizing glass in a wide variety of areas and specializing in touch panel glass, switch glass panel, AG/AR/AF/ITO/FTO glass for indoor & outdoor touch screen. 


Post time: Sep-16-2020

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