What are the characteristics of glass cover plate in medical industry

Among the glass cover plates we provide, 30% are used in the medical industry, and there are hundreds of large and small models with their own characteristics. Today, I will sort out the characteristics of these glass covers in the medical industry.

1、 Tempered glass
Compared with PMMA glass, tempered glass has high strength, scratch resistance, high transmittance and no deformation after a long time. As a panel of medical equipment, glass is better. Therefore, in product upgrading or new product scheme design, we will choose to replace acrylic with glass.
Because of this, glass processing manufacturers often encounter new challenges. Tempered glass can bend its shape at will. When upgrading products, considering the cost, it is not possible to change the design of all components, so the glass is required to maintain the original shape and design. So there are the following “ox horn” shapes, half grooved glass cover plates and so on.
2、 What kind of glass material is suitable?
How should engineering designers who use glass cover for the first time choose materials?
Customers often ask about Corning gorilla glass as soon as they come up. Naturally, the reason is the high transmittance and high strength of Corning Glass and the effect of using Corning Glass in big brand mobile phones. However, there are many kinds of medical equipment, and the materials will be recommended according to the application of the product itself.
For example, the product itself has no screen display content, only some indicator lights and other signs, and the whole surface is printed in black, so there is no requirement for the transmittance of the glass. Moreover, the ordinary glass itself also has a Mohs hardness of 5.5h, which is not easy to scratch and deform. If it is not the use environment in which hard objects are often in contact, out of consideration of cost, don’t follow suit and choose Corning gorilla glass and other high aluminum glass, and use sodium calcium glass.
3、 Medical equipment using etched anti glare glass.
The display screen used in the operating room and other strong light should use anti glare glass, which is seriously reflective, which affects the judgment and operation of doctors – it is a problem that many customers have fed back, so they upgraded and made anti glare glass on the basis of ordinary glass, such as ultrasonic display, imaging display in the operating room, etc. 
In addition to AG, the cover glass also add anti-fingerprint coating. With etched AG & AF, when touch it, it create a “paper like touch”. With such low gloss and smoother touch, it will make your control more sensitive and safer.

These are the characteristics of the glass cover plate in the medical industry. I hope it can help you find a more suitable scheme. If you have other questions, please leave a message here.

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Post time: Mar-21-2022

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