How to Judge AR Coated Side for Glass?

Normally, the AR coating will reflect a little green or magenta light, so if you see the colored reflection all the way to the edge when holding the glass slanted to your line of sight, the coated side is up. 

While, it often happened so when the AR coating is neutral reflected color, not purplish or greenish or blueish.


Here are two ways to judge them, do it now and check by yourself!  

Method 1:

use phone light to illuminate AR glass, there have 2 reflective spots. 

One spot will reflect green color 

If the green spot at the upper area (like below), then it means front side is AR coating side. 

If the green spot at the lower area, then it means back side is AR coating side. 

 method 1-


Method 2:

Air side is coating side, put the glass on the tin surface tester, tin side put on the tester, the purple will become blanched. so, the other side is air side = coating side. Ref. enclosed video. 

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Post time: Jul-02-2024

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