Glass Silkscreen Printing Color Guide

Saidaglass as one of China top glass deep processing factory provides one stop services including cutting, CNC/Waterjet polishing, chemical/thermal tempering and silkscreen printing.

So, what is the color guide for silkscreen printing on glass?

Commonly and globally, Pantone Color Guide is the 1st choice which is a global authority specializing in the development and research of color in USA. Pantone color is not RGB or CMYK but Sport colors, which are widely used in package/textile/plastic/construction/glass and digital technical industries.

 Pantone Color Guide

Secondly is RAL Color Guide from Germany which also widely used in public since 1927, especially for construction industry.

 RAL Color Guide

Thirdly, Natural Color System, also called NCS Color Standard is a color design tool from Sweden that describes color in the way that eyes looks like. Now has become Sweden, Norway, Spain and other countries of the national testing standards, it is the most widely used color system in Europe.

 NCS Color Guide

Or, DIC Color Guide from Japan.

 DIC color guide

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Post time: Dec-06-2019

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