Corning Announces Moderate Price Increase for Display Glass

Corning (GLW. US) announced on the official website on June 22nd that the price of display glass would be raised moderately in the third quarter, the first time in panel history that glass substrates have risen for two consecutive quarters. It comes after Corning first announced a price increase in glass substrates in the second quarter at the end of March.

Corning Announcement

On the reasons for the price adjustment, Corning said in a statement that during the long period of glass substrate shortage, logistics, energy, raw materials and other operating costs continue to increase, as well as the industry generally facing inflationary pressures.


In addition, Corning expects the supply of glass substrates to remain tight in the coming quarters. But Corning will continue to work with customers to maximize the production capacity of glass substrates.


It is reported that the glass substrate belongs to the technology-intensive industry, there are very high barriers to entry, production equipment needs glass substrate manufacturers independent research and development, the current LCD glass substrate is mostly overseas giants such as Corning, NEG, Asahi Nitro monopoly, the proportion of domestic manufacturers is very low, and the vast majority concentrated in 8.5 generations below the product.

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Post time: Jun-24-2021

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