Anti-Bacterial Technology

Speaking of the anti-mircobial technology, Saida Glass is using Ion Exchange Mechanism to implant the sliver and cooper into the glass. That antimicrobial function will not be easily removed by external factors and it effective for a longer lifetime usage.

For this technology, it only suits the glass with below points:

1. Low Iron Glass 

As Soda Lime glass will turn yellowish after applying anti-bacterial.  

The B value is around 0.7 to 1.5 for 3mm Soda Lime Glass. Thicker glass with more yellowish look.

yellowish glass look

2.Glass thickness above to 2mm

Anti-bacterial technoogy application:

  • POS Machine
  • Ordering Machine
  • Medince Appliance
  • Public Usage Touch Panel Appliance

With possessing different kind of report, like SGS/FDA/TCAM/GT, Saida Glass are able to handle different of glass issues with suitable sulotions. 

Saida Glass care about all the details which request by customers and come up the best solution for your project. 

Post time: May-29-2020

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