What Type of Glass Panel is Suitable for Marine Displays?

In the early ocean voyages, instruments such as compasses, telescopes, and hourglasses were the few available tools for sailors to help them complete their voyages. Today, a full set of electronic instruments and high-definition display screens provide real-time and reliable navigation information for sailors throughout the whole navigation process.

Different from consumer electronics, outdoor digital and other electronic displays, marine displays must be able to withstand harsh conditions, such as direct sunlight, temporary intrusion of fresh sea water, extreme temperature and humidity, vibration and impact, whether it is day or night, the screen information can be clearly readable.

So how to meet the above conditions and provide a reliable glass panel for marine boating displays?

1. Saida Glass can provide safety tempered glass with a thickness of 2~8mm or above, which lasts for a long time and has good weather resistance

2. The minimum controllable glass outer dimension tolerance is within +/-0.1mm, improving the waterproof level of the whole machine

3. Using ultra-long 800 hours 0.68w/㎡/nm@340nm anti-UV ink, the color lasts forever

4. The nano-texture treatment on the glass surface makes the reflective surface of the original glass become matte and non-reflective, increasing the viewing angle of the display screen, and the information can be read clearly in time at any time

5. Can provide up to 8 kinds of screen printing colors to achieve design diversification



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Post time: Dec-08-2022

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