From Europe’s Energy Crisis See the Glass Manufacturer’s Status

The European energy crisis seems to have reversed with the news of “negative gas prices”, however, the European manufacturing industry is not optimistic.

The normalization of the Russia-Ukraine conflict has made the original cheap Russian energy completely away from the European manufacturing industry, when other industries are busy moving away to the East, the original developed European glass industry is in a deeper dilemma because the production of furnaces need to work 24 hours a day: glass, although ubiquitous, but the glass industry is not a necessity industry, and not in many European countries on the priority list of energy security The glass industry, although ubiquitous, is not an essential industry and is not on the energy priority list of many European countries, so it may be a matter of time before it stops; it is not easy for glass companies to relocate their production capacity, but it is not difficult to recreate a survival line, but it is difficult to transport delicate glass products over long distances, which means a significant increase in costs. …… Europe’s oldest glass manufacturers and the glass industry’s traditional strongholds are all news of production cuts. 

European glass industry in the face of the energy crisis, the situation seems to be dangerous, in fact, not to the point of injury, all because of the competition in the glass industry, early from raw materials, processes, costs to the elements of technology. Constantly evolving technology to make the old glass material more versatile, the glass industry’s technical innovation determines the direction and rate of development of many industries. In this regard, Europe has deep experience.  

Glass has a special texture and endless plasticity, the addition of different elements, made at different temperatures, will make the properties of the glass is ever-changing, transparency, durability, stability, hardness, flexibility, thickness …… glass manufacturing technology content is to eat through the understanding of basic science and after countless proportional tests. Only then can we continuously try to analyze and develop new glass components and develop suitable products.  

From the traditional construction, transportation, agriculture, home, automotive, to electronic information display, intelligent equipment, new energy industry, photoelectric new materials, etc., the application of glass is becoming more and more extensive, and the scale of the industry is rising year by year. To the electronic glass segment, the increasingly thin glass substrate once the change, will trigger hundreds of billions of related industries in the field of output value turmoil.  

Glass field also exists in the “neck” phenomenon, the United States Corning has the most patents in this field, a large number of mainstream cell phone brands have to rely on Corning to provide drop-proof, scratch-resistant cell phone screen, the famous “Gorilla Glass” once swept the global industry. Huawei is also in the independent development of high-end screen glass technology to get rid of this constraint.  

The average annual growth rate of the global smart glass market is more than 10%, in the glass industry’s technology race, energy saving, ultra-thin is the standard, to information technology, for different application scenarios to develop different “black technology” of special glass to better cope with future competition. 

etched anti-glare glass

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Post time: Nov-01-2022

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