What is Whole Black Glass Panel?

When design a touch display, do you want to achieve this effect: when turned off, the entire screen looks pure black, when turned on, but also can display the screen or light the keys. Such as smart home touch switch, access control system, smartwatch, industrial control equipment control center and so on.


Which part should this effect be implemented on?

The answer is a glass cover.


Whole black glass panel is kind of technology to make the top cover glass looks like the product integrates with the casing. It also called window hidden glass. When back display off it looks like there wasn’t cover glass on the top of display.


Usually glass covers are designed with border printing plus LOGO, and keys or window areas are transparent. When the glass cover is assembled with the display, there is a distinct segment layer in standby. With the pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher, so some products have to innovate, there is even in standby state, the whole screen for pure black, so that the entire product mix more integrated, more high-end, more atmospheric, this is our glass industry often said “whole black technology.”


How does this process work?

That is, in the window area of the glass cover or the key part to do a layer of semi-permeable printing.


The details to be noted:

1, semi-permeable black ink selection and border color the same color system, to be close. Too dark and too light, will cause chromational segment layer.

2, the pass rate control: according to the brightness of LED lights and the use of the environment, the pass rate from 1% to 50%. The most commonly used are 15±5 per cent and 20±5 per cent.

window hiden glass  (1)

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Post time: Nov-20-2020

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