What is IR Ink?

1. What is IR ink? 

IR ink, the full name is Infrared Transmittable Ink (IR Transmitting Ink) which can selectively transmits infrared light and blocks visible light and ultra violet ray (sun light and etc.) It mainly used in various smart phones, smart home remote control, and capacitive touch screens, etc.

To reach the designated wavelength, the transmittance rate can be adjusted by different formation of printed ink layer on the transparent sheet. The standard colors of IR ink have purple, gray and red color.

IR Ink color

2. The working principle of IR ink

Take the most used TV remote control as an example; if we need to turn off the TV, we usually press the power button on the remote control. After pressed the button, the remote control will emit near infrared rays and reach the filter device of the TV. And make the sensor sensitive to the light, thus convert the light signal into an electrical signal to turn off the TV.

IR ink is used in the filter device. Printing IR ink on the Glass panel or PC sheet on the filter surface can realize the special characteristics transmission of light. The transmittance can be as high as above 90% at 850nm & 940nm and below 1% at 550nm. The function of the filter device printed with IR ink is to prevent the sensor from being operated by other fluorescent lamps and visible light.

3. How to detect the transmittance of IR ink? 

To detect the transmittance of IR ink, a professional lens transmission meter is very indeed. It can detect visible light transmittance at 550nm and infrared transmittance at 850nm and 940nm. The light source of the instrument is designed with reference to the parameters most commonly used in the IR ink industry transmittance detection.

IR ink front side

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