The Difference between Thermal Tempered Glass with Semi-Tempered Glass

The function of tempered glass:

Float glass is a kind of fragile material with very low tensile strength. The surface structure greatly affects its strength. The glass surface looks very smooth, but actually there are lots of micro-cracks. Under the stress of CT, initially the cracks expand, and then begin to crack from the surface. Therefore, if the effects of these surface micro-cracks can be eliminated, the tensile strength can be significantly increased. Tempering is one of the ways to eliminate the effects of micro-cracks on the surface, which put the glass surface under strong CT. In this way, when the compressive stress exceeds the CT under external influence, the glass will not easily break.

There are 4 main differences between thermal tempered glass and semi-tempered glass:

The fragment status:

When thermal tempered glass is broken, the whole piece of glass is broken into a small, blunt-angled particle state, and there are not less than 40 broken glasses in the 50x50mm range, so that the human body does not cause serious harm when it comes into contact with broken glass. And when semi-tempered glass broken, the crack of the whole glass from the force point began to extend to the edge; radioactive and sharp angle state, similar status as chemical tempered glass, which can bring serious injury to the human body.

broken glass illustration

Tensile Strength:

The strength of thermal tempered glass is 4 times compared un tempered glass with compressive stress ≥90MPa, while the strength of semi-tempered glass is more than twice that of un tempered glass with compressive stress 24-60MPa.

Thermal stability:

Thermal tempered glass can be directly from 200°C put into 0°C ice water without damage, while semi-tempered glass can only withstand 100°C, suddenly from this temperature into 0°C ice water without broken.

Reprocess ability:

Thermal tempered glass and semi-tempered glass are also non-reprocess able, both glass will break when reprocessing.

  broken look

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