Large size etched anti-glare glass to Israel

big sheet AG glass for kisok (1)

Large size etched anti-glare glass is shipped to Israel 

This large size anti-glare glass project was previously produced with extremely high price at Spain. As client need special etched AG glass with small quantity, but no supplier can offer it. Finally, he found us; we could produce customized etched AG glass with small quantities.

After all details confirmed, this project finished in 7 working days with rapid production time and professional services. The client is very pleased with us. If you are in need of any customized glass orders, welcome to inquire us at any time.

Here are some photos of this shipment.

 big sheet AG glass for kisok (1) big sheet AG glass for kisok -plywood case

More information about etched anti-glare glass

Etched AG glass is made by a chemical etching process to change the roughness of the glass surface, thereby; the glass is matte look with non-reflective feature.


Working Size

Thickness range: 0.3~5mm, maximum size: 1300x1100mm


Etched AG Glass Features

  • * Matt look with exceptional tactile touch
  • * Low flash point
  • * High definition
  • * Anti-fingerprint
  • * Durable as long as the glass itself


Etched AG Glass Applications

  • * HD HIM tablets
  • * 3C products
  • * Medical devices
  • * Automotive control panels
  • * Industrial instruments 


Optional Services

Customized production specific according to your design, production, special demand and logistic needs. Click here to chat with our sales expert. 

Post time: Feb-01-2023

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