How to Present High Level White Color on Glass Panel?

As well-known, white background and border is a mandatory color for many smart homes automatic appliance and electronic displays, it makes people feel happy, appear clean and bright, more and more electronic products enhance their good feelings for white, and return to use white strongly.

So how can you print white well? That is: from the front of the finished glass panel, the color is not dull or slightly yellow-cyan.

clear glass vs ultra clear glass

In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we have conducted several trials, which are summarized as follows:

Ordinary clear glass contains a certain iron impurity, from the side of the glass is green, the surface is then white printing, the reflection of the glass itself will make the window area have a green aperture. Ultra-clear glass, also known as low iron glass or high transparent glass, its light transmittance can reach more than 91%, the glass itself is transparent white, and so after printing white, there will be no such green problem.

In addition to the high transparency characteristics, low iron glass has the following advantages:

1, low self-detonation rate: ultra-white glass raw materials contain less Impurities such as NiS, coupled with fine control of the melting process, the finished product has fewer impurities, which greatly reduces the chance of self-detonation after tempering.

2, color consistency: the iron content in the glass determines the degree of absorption of the glass in the green band of visible light, and the iron content of ultra-white glass is very low, ensuring the consistency of the glass color;

3, good permeability: greater than 91% of the visible light transmittance, so that ultra-white glass has a crystal version of the crystal clear, through the ultra-white glass to see the object, more can show the true appearance of the object;

4. Large market demand, high technical content and high profit margin.

From the cutting surface, it can be determined whether the glass is ultra-white glass, and ordinary white glass has a deeper green, blue or blue-green; Ultra white glass has only a very light blue color.

clear glass vs ultra clear glass-edge

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Post time: Mar-10-2022

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