Float Glass VS Low Iron Glass

”All glass is made the same”: some people might think like that. Yes, glass can come in different shades and shapes, but its actual compositions are the same? Nope.

Different application calls for different types of glass. Two common glass types are low-iron and clear. Their properties differ because their ingredients aren’t the same by reducing the amount of iron in the molten glass formula.

Float glass and low iron glass in fact does not look much difference in the appearance, in fact, the main difference between the two or the fundamental performance of the glass, that is, the transmission rate. And precisely speaking in the glass family, transimission rate is the main point to distinguish whether the status and quality is good or bad.

The requirements and standards are not as strict as low iron glass in transparency, generally its visible light transmission ratio of is 89% (3mm), and low iron glass, there are strict standards and requirements on transparency, its visible light transmission ratio can not be less than 91.5% (3mm), and also caused by the glass colored iron oxide content has strict regulations, content can not be higher than 0.015%.

Because float glass and ultra-white glass have different light transmission, they are not used in the same field. Float glass is often used in architecture, high-grade glass processing, lamp glass, decorative glass and other fields, while ultra-white glass is mainly used in high-end building interior and exterior decoration, electronic products, high-end car glass, solar cells and other industries.

Low Iron Glass vs float glass  (1)

To sum up, the biggest difference between those two is the transmission rate, in fact, although they are different in the application industry and field, but generally can also be universal.

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Post time: Dec-02-2020

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