Anti-Glare Glass

What is Anti-Glare Glass?

After special treatment on one-side or two-sides of the glass surface, a multi-angle diffuse reflection effect can be achieved, reducing the reflectivity of incident light from 8% to 1% or less, eliminating glare problems and improving visual comfort.


Processing Technology

There are two main processes, coated AG glass and etched AG glass.

a. coated AG glass

Attach a layer of coating to the glass surface to achieve an anti-glare effect. The production efficiency is high, products with different gloss and haze can be easily processed. However, the surface coating is easy to peel off and has a short service life.

b. etched AG glass

Special chemical treatment on the glass surface is to make a matte rugged surface, to achieve anti-glare effect. Since the surface is still glass, the product life is equivalent to that of tempered glass, the AG layer is not peeled off due to environmental and use factors.



Mainly used in touch screen, display screen, touch panel, equipment window and other series, like LCD / TV / Advertising display screen, precision instrument screen, etc.


Post time: Oct-27-2023

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